Gurusshri's Blessings

I am like a river...

Its water is always new, no past or future only clear blue.
I teach love and dispassion, ... again nothing new ...
You can flow with me ... I repeat ... don't bind me,
And I promise 'Aaahsaass' will set you free.

Aaahsaass Arogya Unique herbal miraculous cure having no side effects totally free of cost.

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Aaahsaass Chetna Jagriti Chetna jagriti is a by-product of our SEVA works and participation in the activities of Shiv Mandir Prashant Vihar.

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Aaahsaass Sukoon Gurusshri is a master painter...pouring colors of love, filling our empty inner canvas with colors of joy.

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From the desk of

Sanjay Sharma

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